Friday, August 21, 2009

Picture Re Do Time!

Anyone that has followed my blog knows that I am crazy obsessive about retaking product pictures.
Lets say any item can easily have been photographed 5-8 times minimum multiplied 5 pics each!
Yeah, yeah...different lighting, backgrounds, camera...
It's all about the learning curve.
So, trying something new I think the Silk Dupioni makes for a gorgeous and delightful background color and I thought I would share the new photos.

A few new photos.
I thought this is such a nice alternative to the stark and clean BLACK that I normally use.
To me it's all about "texture" and visual interest. I wanted something to enhance the items aand still not distract from the photograph. I wanted something that makes the items "POP".

Yet not overwhelm the items being displayed.
...I just LOVE the COLOR!

Plus, I just LOVE the way the chocolate brown contrasts against the background color in this photo.
SO Rich and delicious! This is a new piece that isn't in my shop yet. Remember the over 100 items just sitting in my stock? Well, here comes a few! I actually made this over a year ago and never listed it. I just couldn't get it to photograph well. I think I finally realized how to represent the item in a way I think really compliments the piece.

I made this one around the same time as the previous piece and never listed it for the same reason. I was experimenting with fraying the fabric ends to create this very vintage like textural effect. The color is a beautiful silvery taupe brown that just didn't photograph well on a "white" or "black" background. Again, I really enjoy the rich contrast of the Dark chocolate brown tones of the feathers and stamen with this piece.

I realized that the black background with several of my white or ivory pieces seemed to flatten out the look of the flowers or simply wash the pictures out. I admit, I am not computer whiz so I think I do a pretty good self taught job on my photos but I know they could be, I noticed with this background you see more detail and volume that gets washed out against the black.

All these pieces are or will be available in my shop for sale.

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