Friday, August 7, 2009

Beautiful Invitations: Etsy Wedding Teammates

I just came across these beautiful invites and the colors and designs are so beautiful and creative. I have great admiration for those talented in the art of using typographical anything! The whole graphic arts computer imaging/printing...well, you get the picture, is totally moon man language as far as I am concerned! Even though I don't know how to put it together and make it I sure know when I find something worth sharing!
Here are a few examples from three talented Etsy Wedding Team members.
Poppy Invitation by Cheerupcherup

Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitation by taylortt2

Wedding Invitation Claire by arippke

I love the fact they all are SO different and yet organically inspiring.
Yeah, yeah, and I love the color schemes...I'm a sucker for a good color scheme!
Check out their shops for more choices in fabulous invitations and custom items!

*All photos courtesy of Cheerupcherup, taylortt2 and arippke

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Taylor Tran said...

Beautiful! Thank you for including my invitations!

Taylor Tran said...

Beautiful creations Mikiye!

Taylor Tran said...

You are so talented! said...

These invitations are adorable! I especially love the top one and how it's sooo graphic but has the cute details in the center of the flower :)

Great finds, as always!

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