Saturday, August 22, 2009

Miranda Wedding Necklace

So I have been getting an overwhelming amount of requests for jewelry again!
It goes in waves!
First it was all the women in my family inquiring over the last 6 months...and within the last 3-4 months it's been a bit overwhelming!
So, inspired by a fascinator I made almost 2 years ago finally made this piece for a client.
I wanted to make something totally luxurious and "wedding feeling" yet also a design you don't see duplicated over and over in other shops.

I used White Swarovski pearls, crystals and rhinestones. Some of the Golden Shadow crystals detail is lost in the photographs because of the transparency of them against the gold filigree. It's times like this I wish I was a professional photographer. I just can't get the fire when I photograph jewelry.
The piece just sparkles so brightly in person.
Well, after 5 hours working on this piece I have it ready.

I was up until 5 in the morning working on it...I'm tired!
I totally threw off my body time clock now!
I'm ready for bed...eventhough, I doubt I'll go to be for several more hours!

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Cassandra Watsham said...

I know the pain of working all night just to get something done!

That work was worth it! It's beauful!

Mikiye Creations said...

Thank You very much...
My inner clock is STILL OFF days later!!!