Saturday, August 22, 2009

FUN FIND of the DAY:Goddess Shawl Wrap - Red and Black Licorice Twist

It was cold and overcast today and it got me thinking about FALL.
I came across this gorgeous shawl by Foxy G's Knits called Goddess Shawl Wrap
OH! The color is SO RICH and Luscious! What a gorgeous piece to sport around for the cooler weather!
The texture and color were the first thing to catch my eye. Of course the pure craftsmanship has to me admired.
I definitely recommend ANYONE wanting something warm to snuggle around you to check out her shop!

Also, please take a peek at her blog FOXY G.'S DEN OF i-KNIT-quity
She currently has a wonderful article about Art from the ♥ Carried Away Bag Makers Team and their wonderful team donations.

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1 comment:

foxygknits said...

Wow! I am so flattered to by being your fun find of the day. The shawl is part of Game Day, my red and black "yarn salute" to the University of Georgia, the Atlanta Falcons and all other teams that wear black and red!