Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Will Miss You Pooki

This is a sweater I bedazzled for her one Christmas..apparently my Mom said she REALLY liked to wear it!

In memory of my Mom's most adorable and loved Shih Tzu Pooki, I am dedicating this entry. To the FIRST doggie I wasn't allergic to. It was INSTANT LOVE! I never knew about the whole hair VS fur back then. We snuggled and slept together when I went up to visit my Mom ages ago. *giggles at the memory* She was the SWEETEST dog. I will miss her SO MUCH! My Mom's husband actually found her one rainy day covered in mud by a freeway exit. Can you believe anyone would throw a dog out like that? They actually didn't even know what she was till they bathed her! They had fliers made and posted signs in the local vet one ever claimed her. So, she became ours! I loved her. My Mom is SO heartbroken. So, I thought this post can turn a sad event into smiles below.

We LOVE our four legged fur buddies or so I like to call them and what more fun is it then to dress them up?!
Here are a few designers I have found on Etsy that I just HAD TO SHARE!
The pictures alone are worth it!
With the surge in pet attire the last several years I am not disappointed in the fabulousness I found by Indie designers!

This is a "Bumble Bee Dog Halloween Costume" by Deejann
I can't even say anything! He is just TOO CUTE!!!!!
"Mister Moo is modeling this wonderful outfit for you. He is an average sized Shih tzu so this costume should work for any dog of his size. I believe he weighs about 13 lbs now. The antenna are made from pipe cleaners and Pom Poms and they stay on the puppies head with elastic around the chin area. The costume is made from felt and has the cutest little bumble bee wings made out of black mesh material. The costume fastens together with velcro on the chest area of the dog and under the belly."

"Reversible Dog Coat - Hound Hoodie - Eco Friendly - Blue Berry Lime Green" by
As soon as I saw these two I wanted to giggle with joy! They look SO WARM and COZY!
...and how could I forget TOTALLY HIP!
"Fun 2 in 1 Hound Hoodie! Smart and steezey (style + ease) dog coat with a hood that's made from recycled plastic. Pick two colors to trick out your eco friendly pooch."

"FUZZY funky purple Dog Coat Jacket medium PUG"
Now all You have to do is simply look at the expression on this pooch! You gotta get one for yours!
"Aunt Pitty Pat, my beautiful blind pug model, is modeling this cute lined jacket. This is a top made of a thick fuzzy faux fur fabric, and the jacket has full coverage on the bodice front. It attaches at the front with velcro. it will fit medium sized dogs, like pugs, French bulldogs, Boston terriers, etc, It will accomodate a girth of up to 21" and it is 11" long. A one of a kind, unique vest for your fido lady."


All I have to say is that I about Squealed when I saw this one!
"These adorable tutus and head piece can be custom made for you best friend!!!
Your little friend will feel so beautiful in this custom made outfit.
THIS TUTU HAS MORE THAN 9 YARDS of material in it.
There is White NET/TULLING WITH AN OVER SKIRT of colored tulle or lace of your choice from my array of colors.
IN THE WAIST is a matching elastic that will fit your special little friend from the size that you provide.
ALSO AT THE BACK OF THE ELASTIC THERE IS A DOME for easy on and off of the tutu
There is also a matching satin ribbon at the back to tie into a wonderful bow.
The length of the tutu will depend on the size you give me and what you think is best for your dog.
At the front at the tutu there is a matching satin bow and a fancy button for decoration.
Also with this comes a NEW WONDERFUL matching TUTU HEAD BAND."

OH MY GOODNESS have you EVER seen something SO CUTE?!!!
I actually found this AFTER i finished this post and HAD to ADD IT!!!
This design is also by
"Here is the cutest head band for your special pup. They are handcrafted with love. They measure approx. 5 inch in diameter and fit on a standard sized Shih tzu. You will see in the pictures both of my puppies modeling this most wonderful head band. Would be great for Halloween or any special occasion."

Please take a look at ALL the shops above. I made sure when I posted the items that they were still available for purchase. There REALLY are some AMAZING items in all of the above mentioned stores!
What better way to tell our Fur Buddies we love them then to give them LOT'S of LOVE, yummy food and cute clothes to wear?!
Boy, I think I REALLY MISS having a dog.???!!!

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