Friday, January 25, 2008

I have been working on jewelry and doing A LOT of research on the web for my next project designs. My head is tired from all that staring at the computer.
Plus, I am trying to get myself back into Massage Therapist mode. Yeah, did I mention I am a certified massage therapist?
I really enjoy the therapeutic aspects of massage. I am pretty excited to get back into it. It is necessary for me to make extra income while my jewelry business grows...*thinking positive* and well, since business isn't very steady...AND Mama has RENT TO PAY!
Mostly, I just don't want to go back into retail.
I know, I know, it's really not that bad and what I was doing I was REALLY good at it and was paid well. Unfortunately, my body isn't being as cooperative as I want it to be and that has kept me from going back!
Everything will work its way out in the end...I know it!
*positive thinking, positive thinking*

I have 19 new pairs of earrings, 3 bracelets, and 2 necklaces that I NEED to take pictures of. I am SO LAGGING!
Since I am living off of one electrical plug in my living room,(since my Landlord hasn't got an electrician in here for over 8 months), it's a process to have to unplug this to plug in that to my surge protector!

I was looking at some lovely chalcedony that I wanted SO MUCH TO BUY but my finances just won't allow it.
I was kinda sad for a few...*sigh*
But, I know I will bounce back and I can still make beautiful jewelry with what I have now!

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