Saturday, January 19, 2008

Featured in Capitola Girl's "SATURDAY SPARKLE"

As ALWAYS I am THRILLED and TICKLED when I am written about and featured.
This is no exception!
Capitola Girl is a fellow designer (and self proclaimed bead-stringing fanatic)that has created a wonderful way to share and spread the work of other independent jewelry designers in her blog. (link on the right) Each week she highlights a designer that has a piece with "lots of sparkle" in her "Saturday Sparkle" articles.
This Saturday I was chosen to be the selected artist!
I am TRULY honored as her article was so well written and I was gushing with pride and appreciation while I was reading it.
As anyone knows who has been reading my blog, I have been under A LOT of personal stress and it's times like this that I forget why I design jewelry. By reading what a fellow artisan had to say about My work REALLY allowed me to stop for that moment and FEEL appreciation for what I have been given a gift to be able to do. I THANK Susan, Capitola Girl's designer behind the name, for allowing me to reevaluate what I am doing in my life as a designer and appreciate what my hard work can accomplish. I get SO caught up in just living my life that I forget to appreciate others as well as myself.
Of Course selfless promotion...PLEASE CHECK OUT HER ARTICLE and also the rest of her blog as it is an entertaining READ!

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PamperingBeki said...

Thank you for your comments! I love your blog too and your work is just beautiful!

You're my idol. :)

capitolagirl said...

Hi Mikiye,

Thanks for the wonderful comments, I'm so happy that you liked the feature. Keep up the great design work, you really have an awesome talent!!!