Saturday, October 6, 2007

NEW NEW Photos...

I feel like I haven't logged in FOREVER!
After all of my hard work taking new pictures with the colored backgrounds I realized that I didn't like the colors I used!
SO, I have been taking NEW pictures with a charcoal/black background.
It's challenging. Even though I am using the SAME color paper it photographs different depending on what I am taking a picture of!
Live and learn.
I am sure there is something basic I am doing wrong and don't know it! lol!
I haven't worked on jewelry in days and I am missing it!

Here's a few before and after in progress!
If anyone wants to give me a bit of advice or what they think PLEASE DO!
I like adding the colored background to the pieces I have chosen so far because I think they "look" better. Many of the pieces I have photographed this way were getting washed out against the white background.
NOW my concern is that the shop NO LONGER looks professional and coherent with the random colored background photos mixed in with all the crisp white background photos.


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