Sunday, September 30, 2007

All I have been doing is retaking pictures and loading them up with a colored background.
I am torn if I like it or not.
There is a definite difference in many of the pictures for sure.
Especially white or crystal pieces. It's AMAZING the difference! MUCH BETTER!
I need to decide what colors I LIKE though.
Soo much work!
I am still using natural light so I have only a small window in the afternoon to take pictures.
Plus, I have to figure out why the same piece of paper is photographing like 5 different shades!
All taken at the same time with the same camera!
It's crazy how a DARK blue piece of paper I first used looked electric blue in MANY of my photos.
I have to retake them. Too bright.
I think slowly I am going to change the shop into color backgrounds and see what I think when it's all done.
Eh, worse comes to worse...I'll just change everything back.

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