Saturday, September 1, 2007

Reworking photos AGAIN!

I am soooo TIRED!
I have literally spent that last 2 days reworking and retaking photos of new and old pieces.
My head is spinning...and my arm is killing from the hours on the computer!
I'd much rather be working on designing new pieces.
I get in these crazy moments where I just want to retake pictures that I just don't feel are up to par.
...which can be A LOT!
I think the pictures I have redone look pretty good...there still are several that I now see that I want to redo again!
I had to retake new pictures of the new pieces I JUST did because I just wasn't satisfied with the ones I listed.
Ah, work in progress...I REALLY just need to take the time and make myself a light box. many times have you heard me gripe about this?
Here's a few new pics.

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