Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I am so relieved that it is FINALLY COOLING off!
I went to pick up supplies today...didn't stick to my budget...Ah, but I purchased various sizes and colors of Swarovski crystals! Soooo pretty!
It kills me every time though.
BUT, I think EVERYONE can see the difference in using the best quality crystals...the brilliance is truly lovely.

I have a custom bracelet that I am starting on...I swear that everyone thinks I am crazy...I was trying to pick up more of the Swarovski Teardrops in the color shown in the photo with the earrings.
Everyone that I talked to said that the ONLY color it comes in is Silver shade. I swear that the ones in my photo that I purchased were Black Diamond. I mean, look at the photo! The "depth" is the same as the Black diamond crystals that I used at the top! If it was more "pale and translucent" then I would agree with the sales people and say that I was crazy...I REALLY believed that the teardrops I used were "darker" don't you agree?!
So, I have a picture of the regular black diamond in the teardrop shape(bottom)...not the exact same cut but I found it (even though it's out of stock) The middle is the Black Diamond AB in teardrop form and the photo of the little diamond pieces(top) are Crystal Silver Shade.... Now, I know you can see the same difference that I do. The Silver Shade are VERY transparent?! RIGHT?

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