Sunday, October 28, 2007

Temporarily Misplaced

I'm in a hotel for the next 2, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to log and show you new items. I have several pieces that I need to photograph...I have no idea how they will turn out in here. I choose NOT to open the drapes since I don't want anyone to see all of my supplies and stuff. I feel bad but you NEVER know and I'd just cry if I got it all stolen!
I have several ideas that I am going to start on so I am pretty excited.
My poor kitty is scared from all the noises outside from the cleaning people and residents. Luckily I came back in time when they were cleaning my room so I prevented my cat from running out. He was hiding under the bed...but ran out to the bathroom when she started vacuuming. Oh, I'd be beside myself if he got out! So, I make sure I'm here when they come around. Better safe then sorry I say!

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The Creative Corner said...

Oh wow, hope your cat won't run out!
I just got settled in our new house, in a new state, so I know how hard is to be living out of boxes and suitcases! Hang in there, hope you'll find a place soon and we can see all your new designs. (I'm LOVING your new additions, btw!)

Mikiye Creations said...

Oh, I have been thinking about you!
Especially when before I left I checked out your site and saw what was up with you too!
Talk about a move!
A completely different STATE!
Hope all goes well for you in getting back into the groove of it all in your new home!