Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random Stuff

Well, I just was able to upload the 66 pictures that I took of new pieces I recently made.
Unfortunately, I can't use any of them and I trashed the whole thing. I should have known better then to think I could take pictures indoor and have the color not be distorted.
I have to take everything all over again.
I still have about a week in this hotel.
To be honest, I am NOT looking forward to returning to my apartment.
I realized how SMALL my bathroom was without anything in it (toilet,tub,sink) I don't think a twin size bed could have fit in that space! CRAZY small! I never realized it was THAT small!
Even though my hotel room is smaller than my apartment, since it's basically a square, it feels soo much bigger! I am almost dreading having to go back.
...I suppose that's not good huh?

Did I mention my cat has FLEAS?!
In the 12 or so years that we have been together he has had fleas only ONCE before!
...and that was because the entire complex I lived in had dogs and cats (in a no pet building) and someone was infested! I am really upset that he has them! There isn't anything I can do either because every time they vacuum it will simply infest this room again. I mean, I gave him a bath and only saw 2 fleas wash off...but that leads to MORE I know there must be fleas in this room! EEEEeeeeew!
I'm going to go to see if I can find a non toxic natural flea control method to limit them from feasting on me! I literally get eaten, I am kind of scared! :/

Well, I have to get up early tomorrow to go get 4 new tires for my car!
Ugh...just got it back from the shop after $400.00 of basic maintenance.
I still have an easy $300.00 more to go!
75,000 miles and only 3 years old!
Having a hybrid has it's advantages but it definitely costs more for all the basic care. I think all the money I save on gas goes to maintenance cost! BUT, it's still worth being in that commuter lane!!!! LOL!!!

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