Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Pieces...

...okay, maybe not all "NEW NEW" but newly revised.
You know how I am always talking about how I have like 60-80 pieces not listed yet just sitting in my storage areas! I get sidetracked (A.D.D. seriously, I have that) with orders and such or the weather isn't giving me good lighting...or I just couldn't figure out how to color correct the photos...and the list of excuses goes on! I really do have pieces I made for New Years 2008. So ridiculous! I was freaking out so much with the knocking off of my stuff I wanted to copyright them first and then I just forgot about them! I'm a freak I know and I have gotten A LOT better about not looking to see who's knocking me off anymore. It wasn't worth the grief!
So that's why you'll see some pieces reminiscent of not soo long ago designs.
I'm in the process of listing them so you should find them in my Etsy shop soon!

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