Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slow Sailing...but still designing new pieces!

Yeah, still dealing with the eczema.
Sometimes I can't even leave the apartment I'm so uncomfortable.
ANYWAY, *thinking positive* I know I need to get myself back on the blogging wagon!

I've been busy just trying to settle into my new apartment and make rent!
OH, BTW, I just have to say that I was rented this apartment and told it had air conditioning...remember the few posts ago about getting it fixed? Well, there is NO AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLED IN THIS APARTMENT! Even though, before I moved I was VERBALLY TOLD BY THE MANAGER that it had both central air AND heat.
Now, after the years of reading this blog...and knowing my health issues...DOES ANYONE THINK I WOULD RENT AN APARTMENT IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA THAT DID NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING?
Yeah...I'll keep you all informed.
I'll also add, I can't afford to move again.


So, I have been busy creating new designs for my clients and wanted to share!
I always like the vintage vibe and when I hand dyed this piece I kept that in mind. I like how old photos make color muted and soft. This pink is almost a "bush" tone.
Bridal Hair Flower Shabby Chic Pink

Bridal Choker Necklace Vivacious Vivienne

Here are a few that have already sold but I thought you might want to see them any way.
Glimmering Gold Petals

Fluttering Fantasy

Beautiful Brookes

Joyful Jubilee

Romance In Bloom

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