Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have been wanting to update my blog colors for a while! I still LOVE my old theme of the rich crimson tones but it just no longer went with my more wedding oriented image.
Since I am not too savvy with the HTML action I just used the basic colors offered on this site. I hope to personalize the blog images even more later.
All my packaging revolves around pretty pinks so it was needing to change to something softer and more feminine. I still like the more muted tones but didn't know how to add them if they weren't already a pre selected color choice.

On another note...
I found some AMAZING vintage millinery velvet leaves and branches that I will be using in upcoming pieces. It's so cool seeing the original tags on them made in Germany and Japan! I think like 30's 40's old! They are in perfect condition. Pretty expensive but I LOVE them!

I've been wanting to post images from the last week...I went with my Family to the Japanese Obon festival last weekend on Sunday. I took pictures of my Sister that took part in the dancing at the end of the day.
I'm off to work some more!

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