Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Morning Star Purchase!

You know I LOVE to share about the fabulous items I purchase!
Here is one of my FAVORITE shops that I feel really gets overlooked! It's called Morning Star A home based Bath and Body shop out of Sunny Arizona. They have their own goat farm where they have access to FRESH goats milk for their products!
One of my Favorite items that I CANNOT do without is the Shower Butter! She can't keep it in stock it's SOO POPULAR! Seriously, I am a bath and body freak and I am VERY Particular about what I use on my skin. As with all of her skin care she uses some of the HIGHEST quality ingredients and I KNOW I can FEEL the difference! I massage a little of this on my skin after washing with my bar and before I get out of the shower. My skin feels SO HYDRATED and not oily or sticky! One time I even forgot to put any body lotion on after I took a shower and when I got dressed the next morning I was amazed at how silky my skin felt! I think any skin type can use this...especially now that it's summer time with all the skin that is exposed the the elements, this is a perfectly easy way to keep skin silky smooth and hydrated!

Anyway, You will always find lots of goodies when you order! I LOVE that you never know what you are going to get but it's ALWAYS such a wonderful surprise!
Here are a few pics of the Shower Butter with all my super Treats!!!!!
I DEFINITELY recommend to give this product a try!
Oh yeah, she makes the SILKIEST goat milk soap bar I HAVE EVER used!!!! I cant live without this either!
Seriously, you will have a difficult time trying to use any other bar after using hers!
Ceeck out her shop!!!!

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