Thursday, July 23, 2009

SHOP OF THE WEEK: Geek Details

Alright people.
Anyone with a sense of humor is going to LOVE what I am about to share with you!
Just to let you know, I was cracking up and REALLY did have to go pee.
...*thinking maybe that was WAY t.m.i.*....
Anyway, let me introduce you to Geek Details.
The creative creator of Geek Details is a woman named Amanda. Here's a little snippet from her profile:

"What is the Geek Details brand? We're a little bit of everything really. The store includes housewares, art, pinback buttons and more and every item is handmade by me.
While there's a hodgepodge of items in the store, everything I carry is something I would use in my own daily life..."

I have always been a sucker for anyone or thing that can make me laugh!
Humor is SO IMPORTANT to me!

What first caught my eye was this water glass. It appears to be a glass you might find in the kitchen for a cool hydrating beverage...however, on closer inspection it reads..."WATER...Like from the toilet"
Um, I don't know about you, but I wasn't expecting that!!!!!
It's FUNNY!!!!
I then KNEW I HAD to see what else was in her shop!
I have never been much of a computer person but I seem to find myself surrounded by computer people. Which I admit to being very fortunate since it wasn't long ago I barely knew how to turn my old PC on! Seriously, 10 years ago when I got my old pc I really didn't know how to turn it on! ...but I digress....
I had friends and relatives that would be on the computer for HOURS at a time....10+ usually playing video games!!!!
So, when I saw this button, I laughed!
Now, I KNOW one of you out there knows SOMEONE that you can think of this button for!!!!
"I logged out for this"

For all of you Alice in Wonderland fans check this out!
"Drink Me Decanter and Cordials Set"

What a cool gift would this make!!!!!
My FAVORITE BUTTON, and trust me there were A LOT of hilarious ones to choose from:
"Silence is Golden ... Duct Tape is Silver"

Even now it makes me LAUGH!
So, I'm a bit warped...
C'mon, you know YOU LAUGHED TOO!!!!
I highly recommend that you all check out her shop!
She has A LOT of really unique and cool items.
Also, swing by her blog
I SWEAR I saw a post about a NINJA UMBRELLA!

*all photos courtesy of Geek Details

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