Saturday, July 25, 2009

BathLife Purchase

I got my SPECIAL ORDER from Bath LIfe!
Look how CUTE it's all wrapped up!!!

I LOVE my custom order for Strawberry Vanilla deodorant and perfume oil! This is one of the only deodorants that doesn't have propylene glycol. (it's in almost everything!) I'm REALLY trying even to cut down using the more "natural" but still low carcinogen ingredients.(like cetyl alcohol and proplyene glycol) I realized even though my old product had only .03% I was using 10 items a day with that ingredient in it!!! I can only imagine how much I was absorbing in my skin with ALL of those products. So, I cut it down to maybe 2 a day. It's amazing what we use and take for granted...shampoo, conditioner, body lotion. I BET if you look at those in your bathroom you'll find Propylene Glycol in them!
BUT, this isn't what this post is about!
I LOVE this deodorant. I feel fresh, clean and love the scent! Most of all, no nasty chemicals!
Also, for the first time she made me a custom perfume oil!
SO PERFECT! I have tried several products like this through various shops on Etsy...I have to admit, after leaving all positive feedback, when using them for several days they weren't that great. They didn't last more then an hour or so or the scents were kinda funky. I have to confess, BATHLIFE perfume oils LAST really well on me and still isn't overpowering when I first apply it. I also love that it has a TRUE smelling scent. Some perfumes have that weird "synthetic" smell to them. Especially the fruity ones that I have purchased. This one REALLY smells like fresh strawberries and vanilla verses some weird children's scratch and sniff book.
I highly recommend you check out her shop!
Always the best customer service, quick shipping, secure packaging...I am totally a return buyer!
Everyone here knows I LOVE her Body Butter! I have my Mom using it and she LOVES it!!!
I like how I also get to try different soap samples that she adds in my purchase!
Well, don't take my word for it!

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DK Designs said...

Oooh.. I may just have to buy some for myself. :) Thanks for sharing. :)