Friday, August 3, 2007

New items

It was a bit challenging to take photos of my new pieces.
Clear crystal isn't the easiest to photograph and get any type of brilliance!
I think I am going to have to make a light box.
It was ridiculous how dark my original photos were.
I think I will probably end up retaking several more and changing them in later but I want to post these new items. Plus, it's soo overcast today I can't take new pictures till it burns off since I currently use the natural light.

The clarity in the clear quartz is beautiful!
Even though it was much more expensive then what I would normally purchase (since I am on a tight budget at the moment) I think the final pieces were well worth the money. I could see the difference like night and day!
I know, I know, you definitely get what you pay for!
I want to gradually start using AAA grade quality gems.
Phew, I NEED to get the business rolling before I can truly make that kind of investment on a regular basis...It will make ALL the difference in the quality and look of my pieces.
Ah, little by little...after all, this is really the first time since I started to make jewelry that I have had the time to invest in my if ONLY I had the money to invest in it!
In due time!!!

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