Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's good to be better...

Been out of commission for over a week!!!
Apparently I am deathly allergic to Tetracycline.
I literally had a fever 101-103.5 for 7 days!
Back and forth from the doctors office...blood tests...more was BAD!
Packed in ice...NO MORE ICE BATHES!!
Well, at least I didn't go to the emergency room!
Almost rushed there twice when my fever got REALLY HIGH.
I was freaked out and kinda scared at those moments.
Lame antibiotics poisoning me!

Well, I am better now and I know NOT to ever take that again!

I'm really weak and tired after all that so I have to take it easy but I wanted to post to let everyone know I just didn't fall off the edge of the Earth.
It was a scary episode but it's all over now!

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The Creative Corner said...

Hey girly, I was wondering about you actually!
How scary!!!! Fevers always scar me.

Feel better! :o)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I am glad you're OK: funny how we see someone who makes something so lovely and we think they're indestructible!
Your shop makes me glad that I get to be a girl :)