Monday, May 31, 2010

A Wash of Color

So I was playing with my dyes after I did a custom set for a client...
I never actually measure anything which it SO typical of me.
Maybe this is why I don't use cook books that much.
(Well, probably not since I wasn't cooking much even before I found out I just can't eat anything anymore.)

Anyway, I was playing with making "washes" of color for a softer palette. I have always been attracted to "COLOR" but have always had a soft side that liked that whole "shabby chic" thing when it became fashionable years ago. The beautiful muted vintage feel of washed out colors like an old photograph just take me there.
I LOVE how this soft dusky muted pink flower came out:
Dusky Pink Enlightenment

I wanted to also play with yellows and oranges so I made this gorgeous almost "sorbet" colored flower. It makes me think of the creamsicles I loved as a kid. My favorite was the orange with vanilla ice cream inside. I really enjoy this color. It's just so FRESH.
Sorbet Enlightenment

Of course, I had to make a golden orange colored flower. I can't get away from an orangey, ochre yellow tone of some kind. I personally just LOVE the richness of anything that falls within that realm. This time I wanted something not so dark and "Fall" in feel so I kept it lighter but still with that spiciness to the tone.
Marigold Enlightenment

All three of these are now available in my shop so click on the links for more pics!!!

Oh yeah, just thought I'd share the custom HOT PINK Mini set that I made.
How cute are these?!
She seemed pretty EXCITED when she saw the finished pics!

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