Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have been STRESSING OUT for the last several weeks looking for a place to move! My Uncle is moving into the house I have been renting so I am getting booted. (it's our families house) I am thankful to have been able to pay very affordable rent for this house for a little over a year. I love living here but as with everything, it's time for change. I totally believe everything happens for a reason. So, all through May I was looking daily for a new place to live. Prospects weren't looking all! 80% were straight off NO PET which was a pain since I have 1 cat. Then I was further limited because of this whole eczema health issue, I NEED to live in a cooler environment. Basically, nothing inland where it is generally more affordable. LOL! So, I looked for coast line places. Uh, I can't really afford $2000 for a studio thank you! LOL!!! Too close to the coast was WAY over my budget!
Well, I accidentally stumbled on a Loft Space and this has been a dream of mine ever since I moved out on my own. It was a good $300 over what I wanted my budget to be but I wasn't finding ANYTHING that I could FIT in within what I wanted to originally pay. Seriously, I realized the studio like space I am living in the back of the house currently is just over 500sq.ft. I would have had to fit everything I have in here now, easily 30 of those rubbermaid tubs being stored in the garage, AND both a bathroom and kitchen ALL within something smaller then this back room!!!! Yeah, not likely. It's amazing how much more options there can be when you add $300 to your budget!
Anyway, I have been packing and I have NO IDEA at this point how I am physically going to move.
I got to get it together! I have always happened to have friends that have helped me. I gotta ask my family...I hope the men can handle all the lifting, I mean, they aren't young men anymore if you know what I mean. I don't want them to hurt themselves is all.
I also realized while packing...I have NO furniture. No book cases, bed, dresser....basically, I am using all what was already here to store and place stuff. It's going to be a mess since there is NO storage space in a loft. I have 1 walk in closet and that's it! Now I won't even have anywhere to put my stuff! I'll have 1 desk and that's it. I don't even have a chair!
Well, at least my new space is 950 sq. ft. that will be filled with boxes and Rubbermaid tubs!
I know once I get settled I actually WILL get back in the program and blog regularly.
Between my health and the moving I have been unable to concentrate the last few months and it shows!
So here is what my new loft space looks like.
By the way, I haven't actually been there personally and rented this place sight unseen...
Looks good though!

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Kemba - Kemba Celebrations said...

Looks like you'll have a good amount of space, plus lots of light, which is great for an artist! Good luck with your move.


Mikiye Creations said...


THANKS! My family couldn't believe the amount of stuff I have since I told them I didn't have any "traditional furniture" ...but I made a point to let them know that I more then make up for that with a TON of SUPPLIES and business stuff!
Seriously, I realized I don't even know what floor my loft is on or if there's an elevator to help with getting all my stuff up there!!!!