Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fluttering Beauties

I forgot I hadn't shared these pieces that I listed.
I was feeling inspired with the platinum colored silk and wanted to do something a little more Elegant fantasy based.
I also realized that "champaign" colored can be very different depending on who is presenting it.
Over the years I have purchase various silks labeled "champaign" and am always amused at the various different colors of fabric I receive.
This silk was sold to me as "champaign" colored and I think it's almost a platinum/beige/goldish/champaign color.
Anyway, with this said, here is Bridal Hair Flower Fluttering Flora

I also recently listed this piece: Bridal Fascinator Delicate Serenade

This is another one of those really challenging to photograph pieces.
It is just SO MUCH PRETTIER in person and just looks like a white "wash" of color in the photos. The vintage inspired brooch piece is really a great design because it not only has various sizes of Swarovski crystals which REALLY sparkle but there are these cool iced glass marquis cut pieces that remind me of 50's style jewelry.
Of course, I added a LOT of smaller various sizes of clear Swarovski crystals that radiate from the focal piece and the whole thing TOTALLY shines when light hits it.
Perhaps in the near future I'll even become a better photographer!

I have another Fluttering Beauty piece but I haven't downloaded the pictures for that one yet.
Hopefully I'll have that one to share in a later post.

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