Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shoe Clips

After several inquiries for shoe clips I thought I should have some in my shop!
I know, I're saying I have A LOT of other things I should be carrying ready made in my shop too...
I'm WORKING on it!
As it is I am still listing items made from 4 years ago!!!
...seriously, that wasn't a joke.

However, these are brand spanking new items!

Twittering Toes 

(I know, I just couldn't help myself with the name)

I made these flower bases from scratch which was great because I could completely control size and color. I have never made any flowers so SMALL from scratch before so this means great flower girl piece possibilities! I have always not been able to make pieces small enough for what the clients wanted. I mean, from scratch without using a premade base. We'll see what happens.
I was experimenting with a new dye was's more like a paint and unfortunately it stuck to the paper I dried the petals on and all the bottoms were ruined.
Usually the material can stick but it pulls off clean... this pain like stuck to the pigment of the magazines I used... I knew I should have tested first but I thought it would work and now have 8 flowers worth of petals that I am going to try and salvage.
Trial and error.
It's ok.

Earlier I was playing with creating some more vintage inspired pieces. I used some really pretty flower rhinestone pieces that had a vintage look to them and hand wire wrapped in rhinestones and lucite pieces. They are really so much prettier in person. Unfortunately, they don't translate nearly as nice in my photos which kinda bums me out. But, like everything else, taking pictures is still my forever work in progress.

Shoe Clips Bridal Special Occasion 101

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