Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Forgotten STASH!

Just gotta love finding goodies!
Seriously, over 4 years ago I went through this short burst of being in total jewelry mode! I was making all sorts of chandelier style earrings and tons of things I just do not make anymore! I ended up getting side tracked because the place I was living in at the time literally got no sunlight that I could use to take photos. The windows had glass panes in them like horizontal blinds. They would have been scary to try and remove. (it was an old decrepit place...and not in the good way) All photos would have had lines through the photographs so I think I was trying out a light box back then. Who knows! I ended up getting caught up in bridal orders and everything eventually got shoved in a box...which eventually got packed away and basically forgotten about! Well, to my delight I found these when I recently moved! I had to replace all the sterling silver ear wires which were literally BLACK from becoming oxidized. After taking a polishing cloth to everything they looks picture perfect!
Definitely be checking out my shop as I am adding my "new" items every day!!!
Really great gift items!
I think this is what I had in mind when making a lot of these.
Here are a few I have already listed in my shop.

Pink and Fuchsia Drops

Purple and Green Drops

Fuchsia and Golden Shadow Drops

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