Friday, November 19, 2010

A Little Glamour For Your Hair...

It's like there just isn't enough time in a day...or my health decides to take me for a whirl (and not in the fun kinda way) my mind is flooded with designs I want to make! Unfortunately, reality sets in and nothing in that arena gets done...
So, at least I can share some pieces I have had the chance to make in the last few months. (typical it takes forever for me to share them here)
I MUST confess, due to popular demand...and many inquiries for custom pieces, I FINALLY have a few of these to purchase ready made in my shop!
A few clients had asked me why I didn't have any of these styles in my shop. I actually told them because the "basic idea" of this can be found all over. What really caught me off guard was when they agreed but kindly added that they would be nothing like something I would design.  Full of pride and blushing for joy I decided to create a few with my own twist to carry in my shop.

Wanting something Ultra Romantic I designed this imagining gauze and ethereal dreams.
I used vintage Japanese millinery babies breath and dried sprigs with the feathers. I also chose to use a much finer silver wire to create more delicate organic branches. Of course, it wouldn't be mine without some SPARKLE.

Ivory Feather Fascinator Gwyneth

With Romantic Raina I wanted to showcase the lovely bleached ivory Peacock eye. Notice unlike many other pieces you will find on the market my feather pieces aren't frayed and cut. The edges are smooth and plush. (notice the goose base) I am REALLY picky with feathers and it's my pet peeve when I see feather pieces with the feathers all matted and stringy KNOW what I mean. lol
Bleached feathers are tricky and I think I found some beautiful quality pieces to create this with. I LOVE texture and enjoy mixing all different types of feathers to create nice movement. This piece has a wonderful vintage effect which I believe is very warm and inviting. 

Feather Fascinator Romantic Raina

This is just Dreamy. I used a vintage looking rhinestone flower as the base and then hand wired in a lucite leaf and flowers. I like the multi dimensional effect this creates...unfortunately, not as well seen in my two dimensional photos. The extra added rhinestones make the white piece really pop and sparkle.
White Feather Fascinator Coy Catherine

I have a few more pieces but need to take photos on the mannequin.
...figure I'll let you be excited to see them next time!
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