Friday, October 8, 2010

Wonderland Weddings...Some of My PIX from the Team!

There are SO MANY lovely items that can be showcased under our Wonderland Wedding theme and so little time!
With this said, I thought I would take a few moments to share some of my own fabulous finds from my Etsy Twitter Teammates!

Let us start with this very playful and pretty necklace Pearls Galore Necklace by MommaGoddess

Next I found this lovely one of a kind creamy angora/merino shawl by knittingguru.
Lacy Victorian Wedding Fichu Capelet Shoulderette Shawl

Of course, what is more beautiful wrapped around the Brides thigh then an elegant Lace Garter by VictoriaJoanne?!
How pretty is this?!!!
Wedding garter with filigree printed bow and Rhinestone heart embellishment

For something nice and light to wrap around your shoulders as well as your neck I found this classic cotton scarf by Beautifulbridget Winter Wonderland Gauze Scarf Lightweight Cotton Fabric in Whitet

I realized that weddings are completely about the Bride...well, MOSTLY it is...but what about the Bridesmaids?
I thought these would be such pretty little Bridesmaid gifts!
Pearls in Flight Sterling Silver Handmade Earrings by MindyG.

Thought this was an incredibly stunning piece made by WellspringCreations. (...yeah, it's always back to the Bride!)
White Swarovski Pearl Sterling Silver Wire-wrapped Cuff Bracelet Bridal Bride

If you are looking for something on the snugly warmer side what about this Hand Knit Ivory Cowl Neckwarmer - Soft, Like Buttuh By FoxyGknits.

Finally, I found this hand-crocheted shrug made with eco-friendly organic cotton yarn by Ayca. Ivory crochet shrug

Can you even believe all these wonderful items made by my Etsy Twitter Teammates?!
I seriously invite you to check out their shops!
You won't be disappointed!

Check back for more!

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Ayca HOSER said...

Great list!
I'm so honored to be in this gorgeous blog...
Thank you so much...

Greetings from Istanbul...

foxygknits said...

Thanks for including my cowl in this beautiful collection. I am honored!

Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Oh, what a wonderful write up to showcase our Wedding Event! Thank you for featuring my pearl necklace. All of our members have such beautiful items I know it was a difficult choice for you. Etsytwitter team is an awesome team to be a part of and I plan to share this blog.

Thanks again!

WellspringCreations said...

You found some beautiful items that would be a perfect addition to any wedding party! I'm flattered to have my pearl cuff included. Thank you! -Judy @WSCreations