Friday, October 22, 2010

Playing with backgrounds...

Once again I am playing with different backgrounds for my photos. It is like a never ending dilemma for me.  I had originally settled for a beautiful neutral gray then switched to a clean black when I started trying out a light box. I am faced with the "weather" thing again and having dark gray skies is not very conducive to taking "natural lighting" photographs. (which was why I originally started using a light box years ago)  It was only because my major knock off shop started using the black background as well that I decided to switch over to the unique wood for my photos.  It made me crazy to see their shop pics look exactly like mine so I HAD to switch! (ugh) I still love the wood background but I have always liked to "clean professional" look of the reflective black background...especially for jewelry. I really am at a standstill...I definitely like the jewelry photographed on the new background but I think I still prefer the wood for all the other pieces. Now I'm stuck with having a shop that doesn't look coherent to me with the mix of wood and black!
Any feedback would greatly e appreciated!
Here are a few pics with the new background and a few with both to compare.

Oh yeah, I'm using natural light to take pics on the black background! LOL!
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