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My FAVORITE Bath and Body Shops! Joyful Girl Naturals, Pigeon Creek Soaps and Bathlife

I get SOOO HAPPY when I open up a purchase from one of my FAVORITE bath and Body shops!
In case you are new to my blog I can pretty much make the statement with confidence that I most likely have the most sensitive skin of anyone you know. I am surely at the top of the list for super crazy, ridiculous, is this a joke, are you seriously allergic to this much stuff??? Person.
Okay, I gotta laugh or I'll cry.

So, with this said, these AMAZING shops have been my lifesaving happiness filled with joy in my life skin care products.
...that absolutely made no sense at all but I'm leaving it in because it just makes me laugh.
After paying an arm and a leg out of pocket to get blood work done I found out that I am ALLERGIC to A LOT more then I ever imagined.
Some of my favorite ingredients like almond oil, vanilla, chamomile, aloe, goats milk and oats are all now No no's to my sensitive skin care. Yeah, I can't believe how these are of course in everything designed for "sensitive" skin.
I was at Wholefoods and only found 1 toothpaste that didn't have aloe vera in it. (I was also avoiding propylene glycol which was in a lot of them too.)

Anyway, I'm rambling.
I've been wanting to share all these incredible products I've purchased!
I just want to say first that I am in no way getting anything from any of these vendors for writing about them.
I just GENUINELY LOVE these shops and the wonderful women that create these items.

So, in no particular order here I go!

I want to start with one of my first real finds when I began to shop on Etsy a several years ago. I found a shop called BathLife An amazing woman named Kimberly creates amazing skin care and hair care. One of my best friends LOVES her shampoo bar...and he is such a "dude" that he was surprised he REALLY liked it! I have to laugh because he was such a "I use what's on sale at Target..." kinda guy.

In my search over the last few years for a deodorant that didn't have aluminum in it, it also became a necessity when I started being allergic to every over the counter deodorant. Nothing like big itching welts under your armpits! Then I found BathLife!
*hearing angels singing*
Kimberly has since been making me a special formula and even was kind enough to make her fabulous bar deodorant in a tube just for ME! I let her know what ingredients i needed to avoid and she has since customized my skin care exactly to what I need!
Here is my latest purchase of my favorite Deodorant and super creamy Silken Body Butter!

Look how cute everything is wrapped!

And you can just see the thick buttery texture in this butter!

I even got a cute little magnet that I will be putting up on my refrigerator.
I just LOVE her shop and have given so many of her items each year as gifts!
Many of my family and friends now have her lip balms, Silken butters and bars!

Thank You Kimberly for making me special items just for my sensitive skin!

My next favorite shop is Pigeon Creek Soaps by BJRussel. Barbara has been SO helpful with assisting me in my quest for skin care to help me heal. (and trust me, this has been a serious ordeal!)

I have to confess...this goat milk bar is TRULY THE CREAMIEST bar I have EVER USED! Seriously, I was AMAZED when I tried this bar. I have become a TOTAL B&B freak (to admit is the beginning right?) and found that I just REALLY gotta have smooth silky texture! I have tried A LOT of bars and by FAR this one REALLY is the CREAMIEST! You REALLY really should try it!
Unfortunately, after my blood work I no longer am suppose to use goat milk because I might possibly have a delayed reaction to it. I am TOTALLY BUMMED because I just loved this bar! Of course, ALL the more REASON YOU should give it a try and enjoy it for me!
Two other items I can't live without in her shop are these:
Unscented Moor Mud Healing and Detoxifying Bar

I use this every day and it's the only facial bar I have used for the last few years that doesn't leave my face feeling tight and dry. This is my main bar to bathe with now as well. Totally does NOT irritate my eczema prone skin when I flair up.
*just as added note, my guy friend said that the Lime in da Coconut bar I gave him was THE BEST thing he's EVER shaved with! He's got Seriously sensitive skin when it comes to shaving! I don't think this bar was technically made for the sole purpose of shaving but he LOVED it!
I also think EVERYONE should have this item.
All Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask with Moor Mud and Rhassoul Clay

I have also tried several different versions of natural Dead Sea Mud masks and this all natural mask with the Moor mud and Rhassoul clay mix is the BEST one I have found! My skin feels AMAZING after I use this. Smooth, hydrated and clean. I even used this on troubled eczema areas and I literally noticed at least on my skin that the inflammation and redness were a lot less after I rinsed this off. I am a true fan!
Barbara has been such a wonderful friend and was the one to give me that last push to seek out a homeopath in my area. It was the best thing I could have done! THANK YOU Barbara!

Finally, I Must share with you Joyful Girl Naturals. Shelley is incredibly knowledgeable and has gone WAY above and beyond to help me. She has taken the time and effort to explain ingredients, what they do and how they might help to offering other natural remedies I might inquire about. She has REALLY been heaven sent for me as I have been going through some tough times with my health. I am SO appreciative of her knowledge and willingness to share some with me. I am a HUGE FAN of her shop and own MANY if her products! A while back I began my search for shampoo that didn't have propylene glycol and this was how I found this shop! I won't use any other shampoo!

Great lather and no greasy film left in my hair. LOVE THIS!
I realized that all my "natural" body sprays also had propylene glycol in them so I went on a search again... Shelley to the rescue! She custom made these DELICIOUS Body Sprays for me!!!!! No nasty chemicals here! She even custom made the formula for me without Aloe since I'm allergic.

Since I'm so allergic to everything wearing classic "perfume" is pretty much not going to, wearing a body spray has been the perfect alternative to smelling pretty!!!!
I already know I will be ordering even more scents for Summer!
I am AMAZED at the selection of items in her shop to treat SO MANY different things!
I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to go visit Joyful Girl Naturals.
I also very much enjoy her leave in conditioner spray.

OH, I'm also going to try her actual conditioner.
I'll definitely share when I get it in the mail!

I could go on and on about each of these shops!
Seriously, I just LOVE to share about things I REALLY REALLY like and these shops are NO exception.
All the wonderful women that create these outstanding products are definitely women worth getting to know.
Go check out their shops!
You will not be disappointed!


*extra photographs courtesy of each shop.

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