Saturday, March 7, 2009

Feeling better!

Ah, I am feeling much better...I am still a bit under the weather but compared to a few days ago...I feel MUCH better!
I think I'll turn in a bit early to be on the safe side.
I can see in my eyes I'm still not well.
But, I just HAD to share a few pieces I finished!!!
Being sick kinda had me a bit behind...but I know I can only do what I can only do...SO thanks for your patience everyone!!!!
I am working as diligently as I can!
So, like I was saying...
I FINALLY finished a few customs I wanted to share with you all!
Here is a lovely set I created for the Bride. After a little drama (I'll post about this later) everything turned out wonderfully.

I had another client who LOVED my Winter Satin piece but wanted it in Ivory. So here is my rendition of it in Ivory.

I LOVE this earring set! The Bride wanted a matching pair to her Queen's Lace flower.

I just adore Gardenias. My realistic flowers are so much fun because they indeed look VERY realistic! My Bride requested my signature jeweled center. Dazzling "A" quality Freshwater pearls glow against the sparkling clear Swarovski crystals!
Classic Beauty.

Thanks again to all my Brides!!!!

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