Monday, January 19, 2009

Stress, anxiety...and the waiting.....

Now that I have this fantastic new computer I am beside myself with all this work I need to do.
Unfortunately, now I have NO Photoshop for the MAC.
Well, I can't exactly list items with dark pictures or off colors?!
*sigh* I SOO took for granted having the Photoshop for my PC.

So, please accept my apologies dear clients I DO have 5 pieces ready to go!
I have to simply fix the photos and I can list them!

This is another reason I haven't had any new photos to go with the postings.

On top of everything...I'm going to be MOVING up North!
ugh... I REALLY dislike moving.
AND, now that I am in FULL SWING of my business...this is SO NOT going to be any fun AT ALL!
I have SO MUCH to move even though I have little to no regular furniture like a sofa, dining table, television or dresser... I have shipping boxes and supplies stacked HIGH and don't even get me started on my jewelry and accessory supplies! Big Target TUBS!!!
How the heck did I accumulate so much STUFF!!??!!!
I am REALLY hoping that my health will improve in a cooler climate.
Southern California just gets too HOT for me!
...well, the fact that my dinky apartment has no insulation so it ALWAYS feels WAY MORE Hot or Cold inside then outside! I AM NOT KIDDING!'s the 80 degrees outside and 98 degrees inside that doesn't work for my Eczema.
Remember the air conditioner stories?
So, I might be a bit scarce the first week of February.
I'm being optimistic. A lot of my friends and family think this apartment might also be a factor in my health. I just can barely afford living here so I can't exactly expect to live in a large NEW place of my own..with parking!
Anyone that lives in L.A. totally knows what I mean!
I would LOVE to live in a loft space.
I have ALWAYS DREAMED of living in a HUGE loft you see in the movies.
That whole artist vibe.
Then again, growing up, I thought that was going to be me!
So, I guess that fantasy made sense. Speaking of loft spaces, I was looking at a place in L.A. and for $5,000 a month I could live in my dream loft space!
Yeah, I almost fell over the side of my desk when I read how much it was too!!!!
It was WAY COOL though. 3 stories and parking on the bottom floor!
OH! How the wealthy live!
Shoot, I sure in the heck wouldn't be living in this place if I had that kind of mad cash!

Did I tell you I got food poisoning again since my "new" refrigerator doesn't really keep my food cold at all times?
...SO over living here.
I talked to my Landlord again and it's been over 2 weeks...from over a month last time he said it was going to be fixed...from 8 months before that!!!!
It took almost a year to get an electrician in my apartment since I was basically living off of 3 plugs. The others either didn't work, sparked or were soo loose the plugs fell out.
Did I also mention this building is probably from the 20's or 30's and hasn't had much maintenance since..(MY guess) Well, the electrician thought so too!!!! WHen he was in the walls he couldn't believe the wiring! It was ALL original!!!!!

Well, I have the moving anxiety and I know I will be much happier when I get in my new living space...but it's the "change" that ALWAYS freaks me out!

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