Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Painted Lily

One on my new FAVORITE shops!!!!
The Painted Lily!
SUMPTUOUS color and design!!!
I SOOO WANT SEVERAL of these!!!!
I was just thinking how I remember that kaleidoscope I looked through as a child...that surely ended up in the back of my closet...
Well, after visiting The Painted Lily I have a WHOLE NEW way of thinking about kaleidoscope designs.
I never dreamt that I would be So in LOVE with them!
The talent in creating these is apparent!

Here is a little excerpt from her profile:
"My process involves a technique that incorporates both hand pieced and digital collage. My starting images range anywhere from decorative art papers to vintage images such as old valentines, antique posters, photographs and vintage wallpaper patterns. I shape a section of the original image into a kaleidoscope pattern and then layer it with other vintage ephemera. The result is something that I hope captures the past with a nod to the future of technological art and hand pieced collage." I said, NOT your childhood kaleidoscope designs!!!!
It figures I am Gushing over these!
You ALL know how much I LOVE vintage inspired images and someone artsy!

Water For Elephants

I think of a luxurious "1001 Nights" meets Cirque Du Soleil!

When I look at all the different designs and patterns My mind cannot help but to conjure up several delightful dreamy scenarios!

My Sweet Valentine

Such a romantic vintage inspired piece!!!

Treasure Ancient Script
I can't even begin to describe the GORGEOUS RICH delicious tones used in this piece!

There are SO MANY varieties of beautiful designs in this shop and I HIGHLY recommend you take a moment to check them out!
I just had to share few of MY favorite designs.
Imagine the possibilities of dressing up that blank wall in your place?!!
...I'm moving, you KNOW I will be thinking about all of mine!!!
Go take a look!!!

Photos courtesy of The Painted Lily

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