Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Updating my site takes sooo long...ugh.
I had to adjust my shipping rates because of the recent price increase.
Plus, I needed to change everything back to Priority shipping. I recently had to deal with a mess where the USPS LOST my customer's package for almost 2 weeks...it was from California to New Jersey..For all my future packages I decided to just pay the extra money and ship everything Priority again. I have always shipped Priority prior to this incident and recently thought to save money for my customers on the shipping and try First Class. What a MISTAKE! Three packages went fine...then the MESS! Forget it. It was soo not worth the stress!!!

Sent my first International package to Japan.
I hope everything goes well and it arrives to her with no problems!

I tried the Paypal shipping thing tonight.
Let's just say I ended up voiding the whole thing.
I need to go to the post and ask them what is my best option for shipping my small boxes.

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