Saturday, June 16, 2007


I have found the world of SPA THERAPY on ETSY.
How much do I LOVE thee...
Let me count the ways....
I shall explain my skin like this, My ex roommate used to say,"Blow on her! BLOW ON HER SKIN and watch her SWELL UP!" Now, I'm NOT that bad...but I'm the "enigma" according to my seasoned dermatologist when it comes to my never had a problem till I was 37 severe eczema. Now at 38, I am finally able to go outside and do little errands as long as I don't get hot and sweaty...(going in to Summer, yeah right)
My skin has become SOOOO DRY and I had to stop using ALL moisturizers and the non-soap bars I have been using I'm getting irritation from now.
Here, flows in SPA THERAPY...heh
If you want GREAT Quality hand made with love, yummy for your skin products...YOU have arrived at the right place.
This is a little of what their announcement says:

Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit with Herbal Soap & Aromatherapy Treasures!

Between hectic work days and action-packed weekends, it can be hard to find time for yourself. My handcrafted soaps and bath products are the tools you need to unwind and feel pampered!

My selection of candles, herbal soaps, herbal bath teas, bath milks, aromatherapy bath salts and sugar scrubs are made with natural herbs, essential oils and high quality fragrance oils.

How can you NOT want to look further!?!
The high quality and selection of ingredients in each item is most impressive.
A brilliant selling point to this site is something as simple as every item has an ingredient list on the bottom of the page.
While I was icing my skin last night I decided to peruse the "bath and body" section on Etsy.
Case in point, a mass majority of products had wonderful names and pictures but I had no idea what was actually in them! I am allergic to a LOT of things and a list of ingredients is VERY important to me.
Sounds so simple, but most of the other sites mentioned the main ingredient and that was all.
Now that I have used SPA THERAPY products I realized, "...why should I use products with all those extra filler ingredients and preservatives?!"
I have become a bit more saavy thanks to Spa Therapy now that I know I can use products that are truly natural and good for my skin. It took looking at what else was out there for me to truly appreciate what a fantastic find this is.
That's why I wanted to share this with anyone who reads this!!!
These are the three items from my first purchase.
Milk and Sweet Honey
Oats and Honey
Goats Milk, Lavender and Chamomile

I have to confess, I opened the Milk and Sweet Honey first 2 nights ago...For the first time in MONTHS I didn't feel the NEED to slather my skin in moisturizer within 10 minutes of getting out of my bath. Like I mentioned before, I haven't been able to put any moisturizer on my skin lately, so I was looking DRY and SCALY. I noticed how my skin felt supple even an hour after my bath...but it was the next day that I really noticed my skin still felt soft. Grant you, I still could have used moisturizer...but NORMALLY I would be seeing patchy, scaly, itchy, dry skin. Now there was NONE. SERIOUSLY.
So, like a kid in a candy store, I'm busting out the other 2 bars tonight and tomorrow!!!!
I have already been back for another purchase...and I think I'll making another one within the next 2 days!!!

Ah, I think this is the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP!
PLEASE check out this site!!!

(all photos are borrowed from the Spa Therapy shop)

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Ju said...

Mikiye, I'm just so happy to hear that something I put so much love into is working wonderfully for you!!!