Monday, June 18, 2007

Spa Therapy

I must confess!
Now that a few more days have a kid I now have opened all three soaps and LOVE THEM! There truly is something to PURE NATURAL High Grade GOODNESS! I will NEVER GO BACK to "regular retail soap" again!
I sat in the bath last night slowly breathing in the Lavender and chamomile...soothing and wonderful. I know that a lot of people love "lather." I actually don't mind not having lather from my soap as long as I feel it on my skin and it doesn't leave me feeling greasy or filmed. By the way, I just happened to still have a "glycerin" store purchased bar sitting next to my new, of course, I had to compare. Seriously, the minute I felt the "retail" version on one leg it had that squeaky stripped feel compared to the smooth creamy non squeaky feel of the hand made versions. When I dried myself could FEEL the retail soap side felt "dry" and not hydrated like the rest of my body. There you go! My unscientific test! LOL!
$5.00 never felt SOOO GOOD!

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