Friday, September 16, 2011

Cooler Weather And Mellow Moods With The Etsy Twitter Team

After the scorching hot weather last week I was thrilled to welcome overcast skies and lower temperatures! Cloudy weather has me feeling mellow and what a better way then share this weeks muted tones then with some incredibly diverse items from the Etsy Twitter Team.
Hand Knit Scarf Wrap in Silver Gray
By FoxyGknits

Smoky Quartz and Silver Earrings
By DelicateAdornments
Lavender Soap - Oatmeal
By AquarianBath
Totoro Smiles ACEO
By faerytalewings
Some Beach - Sea Glass Sterling Silver Necklace
By EndlessSunner
Hipster Bag with Pocket and Matching Card Keychain Wallet
By misseskwittys
Geode Slice Pendant Necklace in Black and Gray 
on Suede Ribbon OOAK Jewelry
By smutopia
Pearl Gray Fringed Cowl Capelet Handknit in Soft Chunky Wool
 By knittingguru
Elephant Tracks - Grey Glass Clip On Earrings
By mysassyglass
Dead Sea Mud Shampoo Bar
By AquarianBath
The Lotus - Vintage Inspired Ascot Necktie in GOTHIC GRAY
By yarncoture
Cable Knit Coffee Cozie Cozy Oxford Grey
By kimwhitecreations
Gray Picasso Jasper with Black Cinnabar Necklace
By MommaGoddess
Pouch cosmetic zipper quilted grey beaded applique copper
By SewDanish
Crocheted Flower Pin - Gray and Black - Large
By MoonlightDreams
Sequin Gloves - Dark Grey Knit with Antique-Style Flower and Pearl
 By prettycheap
Makes me just want to drink a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up with a good book!
I can't wait for Fall and Winter weather to be here!

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