Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweets With The Etsy Twitter Team

I LOVE Sweets! Who doesn't?!
Unfortunately, I'm still in denial about recently I finding out I'm allergic to sugar cane.
So, I decided to find alternative ways to enjoy my sweet tooth.
Still great eye candy! Total pun intended.
I felt like a child seeing many of these and thinking about delicious hard candies, cupcakes and other tasty goods.

Jolly Roger Cherry - Knitting Stitch Markers

By DorsetHillBeads
By MindyG

Huayruro Elastic Bracelet -Good Luck

Red and Black

By Huayruro
By Scrapwithstyle
By prettywhimsical
By AquarianBath 

Cupcake Sprinkles Pom Hat 

Green Red Yellow Orange

By BeautifulPhotoProps
By lindab142
By FrostedTreats

Now go enjoy something sweet and delicious then brush your teeth!
Thanks again for joining me and the Etsy Twitter Team!

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