Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SHOP OF THE WEEK: KnittingGuru

The Etsy Twitter Team proudly presents this week's shop of the week: KnittingGuru! 

KnittingGuru products are targeted to people who love to wear designs that are both one of a kind and flattering to the wearer, and made from fine quality fibers. Her creations use natural fibers for their durability, luxurious feel, and earth friendly sustainability. Her description "ecoChic" is truly accurate. 

KnittingGuru products differ from other knitwear and crochet on Etsy because they are all original KnittingGuru designs, meticulously crafted, made to fit and flatter, use fine yarns and distinctive stitches. An unusual twist: she often combines both knitting and crochet in one garment and the result is a classy and unique garment.

As a member of the Etsy Twitter Team, Twitter is a key feature of her market visibility: Her advice: Twitter is a great way to get your pieces seen by lots of people, but it’s also important to write about other things than your products. KnittingGuru has observed that her Twitter followers respond to discounts limited to Twitter contacts.

KnittingGuru is based in her hometown, New York City. She's a big museum visitor and says, "There are so many artists who I love and who have influenced me that it’s exceptionally hard to choose just one. I have always been drawn to Van Gogh for his range of style, artistic development and especially for his use of color, composition and texture." In addition, "Living in New York City has a profound influence on my work, creativity and inventory. NYC yarn stores tend to be expensive boutiques by and large, so I get most of my yarns online and from wholesale suppliers. However, I still spend hours in the wonderful bead stores, fabric and supply stores that abound here in the garment district. I love to walk, so I'm exposed to the amazing styles both in stores and on people in the street. New York is always changing, so there’s an ongoing fashion show all the time. In addition, I’m very influenced by nature so wandering through Central Park and being surrounded by water yield many design ideas. The opera, ballet, concert halls and theater are all inspirations too."

On a personal note, she shares that her mother taught her to knit and crochet when she was only 4 years old! She says, "I would have to give her the title of most influential. Without that very early training, I would be a totally different artist now. Because I learned to knit and crochet before I could read, I’ve always seen both crafts as a starting place for design and have never used other people’s patterns. Also, when you learn things that early in life, they become who you are and an integral part of your existence. I knit and crochet all the time. I often knit even when when I’m reading, and certainly when I’m socializing, watching a movie, or riding in a car, train or airplane. It’s the background (or foreground depending on complexity of design) to everything else in my life."

A Special Discount from KnittingGuru to YOU:
"I’m so delighted to be Shop of the Week on EtsyTwitter where I’ve been a member for quite awhile. I’d be happy to offer 20% off anything in my shop for this week. Fortunately Valentine’s Day is approaching, so that will be a good time to shop for the many romantic pieces I have. To get your discount, write to me at Etsy (convo) first giving the code EtsyTwitterTeamSOTW and what you want and I'll post a revised listing(s) for you reflecting your discount. I hope you find things you like!"
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Written by Judy of WellspringCreations
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