Friday, January 14, 2011

Celebrating Valentine's Day With The Etsy Twitter Team

February is just around the corner! Love is in the air and it's soon to be that time of year when we have another wonderful excuse to express how special someone is to us! Sure we can share the love all year round but how FUN it is to also do it on Valentine's Day!

As always I have found some wonderful items to give you some great ideas for Valentine's Day. Plus, there is plenty of time to still have them shipped to you to give to your loved one!

Everyone needs love and this is perfect for your special brainiac!

Geek Love Card

by maddesign

I am really loving the little key hole in the heart. To think the 
person will know that the other will have the key to their heart!

Charm Necklace

by MindyG

Such a beautiful presentation with natural Roses. This would 

be such a great gift for your Mother, Grandma or Auntie!

Rose Soap with Rose Geranium and Rosewood 

Essential oils Organic Bulgarian Roses & Rose clay

by AquarianBath 

I think I can safely say that there is nothing like
Hedgehog Love...

Hedgehog Couple - Valentine Love

by prettywhimsical 

Mmmm Pie....sweet as all natural pie with no high 

fructose corn syrup! Okay, I added that part but this 

is a pretty creative illustration of expression!

8.5 x 11 Illustration Print - You're Sweet as PIE 

by tamaragarvey 

This is a wonderful environmentally friendly gift 

to give someone that can remember how much you 

care about them everyday they use it!

Crocheted Coffee Cozy in Cherry Red

by Jenco13 

If you are feeling extra creative this focal will make a
stunning necklace!

Lampwork Glass Focal Bead, Red Ribbon Heart

by LAJewelryDesigns

A very stylish way to keep the neck  and heart warm.

Red Victorian Lace Hand Knitted and Crocheted Cowl

by knittingguru

I just think this will look fantastic to wear with your favorite

 t-shirt and jeans!

Key to My Heart Red Cord Necklace

by lindab142 

Who needs the typical red roses when you can give 

something totally unique that won't wilt like these?!

Scrapbook Embellishment handmade paper posies

by caelum  

I couldn't find something that combined vanilla, cheesecake 
and total cuteness and not share!

Vanilla Sweetheart Cheese Cake

by FromNancysHeart 

Hope you enjoyed these selections.
Lot's of Love to you all!

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