Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Customs to share!!!

The recent HEAT wave really threw me!!!
Who ever thought it would be 93 degrees where I live!
Everyone was scrambling since no one has air conditioning in their homes here!
LOL!!! It is always too cold!
Anyway, today was a nice 68 degree high and sunny with a slight breeze!
Ah, my kind of weather!!!!!

So, the health has been up and down which is why the posts have been slim.
I just finished a couple new customs that I am IN LOVE with!!!!

My First piece is made entirely from scratch!!!!
Here are some early pictures on the collaboration between myself and the Bride.
All the petals have been hand curled and pressed after I treated the silk so it won't shred on the edges. It took HOURS but I am SO in love with how pretty these turned out.

The Bride also wanted a little soft tulle added to wear since she wasn't going to wear a traditional veil.
Finally, she loved the idea of adding the feathers. Especially the Silver Pheasant feathers. I believe I was the first to use these in Bridal pieces in the beginning of last year. As always, I got knocked off and have since this year seen a few in my competitors designs. (yeah, remember the skeleton leaves that I also started using the year before last that have since popped up in other designers pieces now?!)

Absolutely elegant vintage glamour!

My second custom order is a 2 piece request. One elegant Diamond white piece for the Bride and a Persian Pink, plum, fuchsia combination for the sister. Both inspired by my Mesmerizing Magenta design.

I personally like the hand cut Silk Chiffon petals surrounding the "A" quality Freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal center.

Here is the second piece. I used hand cut and treated silk hot pink Dupioni petals sprinkled in there too.
SO pretty!

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Anup said...

wwoow nice one:-)

bridechic said...

I love your ETSY Store. So much creativity . . .