Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hey everyone!
I have been beside myself trying to pack and get everything done before I move!!!!!
...taxes.....Dr.'s appointment(s)...car maintenance.....
Yeah, all I see is $$$$$ flowing OUT of my pocket!
With this said, I realize that it is TOO much for me to try and do all of this AND still run my shop at full capacity.
unfortunately, I can't.
So, as of now, the beginning February I am temporarily putting all new customs on hold and ask that everyone please excuse any and all slow responses to convo's and e-mails. I NEED to focus on my move and hope to be back 100% for my clients by the 11th...14th at the latest.
If there are any purchases during this time period I will try to get them promptly in the mail. However, due to my moving they may take longer to drop then usual and will be in the mail by the 13th at the latest.
Thank you EVERYONE for your support and understanding!
I am hoping this move will help in improving my health!
Much love to you all!!!

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