Friday, February 20, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!

That is all I can say.

No, wait.


Seriously, that HAD to be THE WORST MOVE I have EVER taken part in!!!!
Moving 7 hours from where I was didn't help.
Previously I was always able to move little by little with my car so I NEVER realized JUST HOW MUCH STUFF I had until NOW!
Also, because of my health I wasn't able to do much moving myself so I had one person doing 90% of the moving!
I thought he was going to DIE!
We were up at 6 a.m. that morning, got the truck by 7:30...and finished packing the 16 foot truck by 3:45p.m.
Like I said, it was really only one person since I couldn't do much and the other person we had helping was there to "drive the truck" so he wasn't much help either. Don't get me wrong, I was THRILLED to have a second person drive the truck! My doctor was VERY concerned about blood clots with me being in a car for that long. I knew I was going to have a really hard time with my legs if I had to drive...I was a bit freaked out myself. So, as if packing that truck alone wasn't enough he then drove me in my car too!!!!
SO...WE arrived like at MIDNIGHT...
And he then proceeded to unpack the truck.
I think around 3 a.m. I passed out for a bit and we all slept for a few hours.
Around 7:00 we were up again and he began to finish the unpacking.
I wish I remembered to get a picture of the inside of the truck.
Anyway, it was around 12:00 noon when they were off to return the truck!!!
He was SORE for DAYS after the move. I could never have done it without him!

So, since then I have been trying to get everything unpacked...get the internet to work...It felt like FOREVER I didn't have internet!!!!! Trying not to stress out because I wasn't able to contact customers. Luckily, many of them were very supportive after reading my shop page and knew what was up. I had emails wishing me good luck in the move. Almost everyone has been understanding with the delay of emails and packages... Unfortunately, you can't please everyone.

Ah, are some pictures to share!

Here are a few before pictures.
This was how crammed and scary my "living room" looked as I packed.

At least my kitty Topoli found a comfortable place within all the mess!!!!

Scary thing is this is almost what it looked like before the packing started!
Most of my live merchandise is carefully placed in these boxes.
...I TOLD you I have a TON of stuff!!

Now the unloading in to the new place!

Seriously, this room would have been FULL as in NO FLOOR showing if the extra boxes and stuff wasn't in the garage!!!!

Here is a picture of my new Baby....I never got to share.
This was my "Big Girl Business Purchase"
...yeah, I'll be paying it off for the next 5-6 months at least!!!! (I'm crossing my fingers it won't take longer)

I thought I might NEVER see my work space so CLEAN and semi organized I thought I should take a picture while I have a chance! LOL!
I am one of those "messy" artists...I do what I like to call "The Spread" and everything gets everywhere...and then when I can't stand it I clean it all up like this and start all over again!

Here again are all the boxes of live merchandise and supplies...the tubs are off to the side as well as 2 book cases FULL of more supplies...If I showed it all you might be scared for me!
Like the ghetto light box that I have to fix if I am ever going to use it again!

All I can say is that this room has so much morning light and I could easily say this is twice the size of my tiny living room.
Which works since I am using this like a studio but with a house connected to it.
That old place made me TERRIBLY DEPRESSED!
No more crazy neighbor! (a LONG story)
No more screaming at all hours crazy homeless people...I know it's sad...but seriously, AT ALL HOURS...
No more car rental place next door and hearing EVERYTHING (do I REALLY need to know the guy is going in for a MRI?) from 7 a.m. EVERY MORNING....NO MORE CAR ALARMS going off AT AT ALL HOURS of the day!
Topoli is getting used to the new place too. He's soo old I am glad that the move wasn't TOO traumatizing for him.

So, I have to say THANK YOU!!!!
THank You everyone for your patience and understanding during my very stressful move.
I am getting through ALL my convos and emails and trying to make sure I answer you all as soon as possible.
I am sure I will beback in the groove of things within the next few weeks.
...yeah, I left my cord for my printer so I have to wait for him to mail it to for now I visit the post office everyday to mail out packages.
Slowly but surely.
Thanks everyone for all the support!!!!

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Shuky Shake said...

Oh my goodness! At least you're done with the moving now! Hopefully you'll be less stressed... at least a little.

btw, this is Daibe Beads, or used to be. (Yes I'm back as well!) My blog is the same but I'm changing my url so much appreciated if you can update it. I've always appreciated your support :)

and p.s... cute cat!