Friday, May 11, 2007

Ashley Goldberg...My Inspiration of the Day!

Very excited!
I believe that all these years of talking about doing my art again had left me feeling a bit empty.
I was always too tired after working all day...and was totally uninspired.
I must confess that reading the interview of Ashley Goldberg Really made me excited to get back in to it again. Her interview was fresh and candid. I absolutely adore her even more now! I am finally getting a Mac soon and can't wait! I already know there's a whole world that I never knew existed going to be at my finger tips!!! I LOVED the fact that Ashley is now able to live off of what she LOVES to do! Wow! Fancy that idea! Get paid to do what you love to do! I was SOOO INSPIRED! I guess a lot of the talented people I admire are way beyond the days of just getting off the ground...or so it seems to me. So, in that way I can't relate to "already being there." Her sharing allowed me to see she is soo thankful for where she is today and certainly appreciates where she came from.
Thank You Ashley for being my inspiration.
Much love and success to both you and your Honey.

Here is a piece of her art Called "ON STAGE"
Print of original illustration done in ink then digitally colored.

Print measures 8.5" x 11" with a white border for framing. Printed on archival matte poly/cotton canvas. If you're unfamiliar with this, it's like bendy paper with a finished canvas texture. It makes prints look amazing for framing or hanging on their own. And the colors look so rich and vibrant. I like that it's more durable than paper. All my future prints will be available in this form.

If you haven't read her interview or checked out her illustrations I highly recommend it!
Check her store out!

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