Friday, March 30, 2007

Access Hollywood

Yesterday I worked on Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson and Tony Potts. In case everyone didn't know, I was a professional Makeup Artist before I began designing jewelry. I still have clients that I work with...This was my first time on the NBC studio lot. It was fun. I forgot that the stylist there was a client of mine from before! LOL! I have done her makeup several times over a year ago! lol
I totally flaked on the getting my jewelry to her with the possibility in using something on the, I'm not sure what I make is something RIGHT NOW they would never know!?!?!
I suppose that I started this post to share that my friend who is Shaun's personal makeup artist, that I was filling in for, purchased a pair of my earrings for Shaun as a Christmas present. She LOVED them!

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