Thursday, May 3, 2012


Everyone knows I LOVE Color!
For Spring and the new year I've added more fabulous color selections in my petite collections!

Now you have ALL these colors to choose from! I actually think I have 3-4 more to still add. I have to wait till I receive the materials and see if I want to use them for additional colors as well!
I still have classic bright white, off white, eggshell, ivory, candlelight cream, champagne and black.
Ah, So MANY COLORS and only so many functions to wear them to!(being that I'm a homebody)
I suppose I can keep them guessing every time I go grocery shopping!
These can all be purchased as a single item or made into as many as you need.
Sizes can be customized as well.
All still shimmer and sparkle with clear Swarovski crystals and rhinestones!
Perfect for Bridesmaid gifts and flower girls too.
Just let me know!

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