Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Absent...Itching....and being miserable

Sorry everyone.
It's been almost a month since I have moved and I am having a REALLY difficult time acclimating to this warmer weather. Any of you that know me know I suffer from SEVERE eczema that actually caused me to be bedridden for a year and housebound for another 2 after that! The cooler weather up north helped me heal and I was doing A LOT better but needed to relocate back down here to Southern California. I found a place 10 blocks from the ocean but the humidity and 10 degrees on average hotter is getting the best of me. It was over 80 degrees yesterday and for me that's a kiss of death! I KNOW it's NOT THAT HOT compared to "HOT" but for me personally, anything over 70-74 is too hot for my skin. Around 68 is perfect for me. lol. Up north it averaged between 55-65 so it worked.
Anyway, my air conditioning is broken and I am waiting to get it fixed...itching, flaring and using cold wet towels and a fan to try and keep cool.
Thus, the lack of posts!
I am literally just trying to get orders made and shipped!
I know everyone knows how difficult to get anything done when you feel miserable!
I promise to get back into the groove when I feel better!
There is just SO MUCH wonderful stuff to be sharing!!!!!
Thanks for your understanding!!!

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Spa Therapy Works said...

aww, hope you're feeling better! I'd love to live close to the beach but I don't know if I could handle the heat and humidity either..